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Qualify for the USA Team!!!

The AKLU is now the official USA representative for the World Kettlebell Sport Federation (WKSF), and there will be multiple official qualifiers in fall of 2023 and early 2024.

How to quality for the USA Team:

You must lift a WKSF lift at one of the AKLU qualifiers or submit an online video. Be sure to register for the correct location – see below. You will need to check the “please consider me for the USA team” on the event registration form.

For the 2024 USA Team, the AKLU Qualifiers will be hosted by:


- All American Kettlebell Open at Mr. America All American Sports Festival - October 6-9, 2023

     Atlantic City Convention Center, Atlantic City, New Jersey. In person only*

- WKSF Open America ChampionshipOctober 14-15, 2023

     Twin Cities Kettlebell Club, Little Canada, Minnesota. In person and online*

- K2 Kettlebell Open - February 10, 2024

     K2 Kettlebell Club, Everett, WA. In person and online*

- East Coast Qualifier - February 10, 2024

     TBD. In person and online*

- Mid-continent Qualifier - February 10, 2024

     TBD. In person and online*


We strongly encourage in person participation, as this experience is what makes kettlebell such a great sport and in person is a great way to prepare for the environment while competing at the Worlds level.


For the 2024 USA team, the AKLU Qualifiers will be held on February 10th, 2024

What are the WKSF Lifts that are allowed?

Please review the lifting categories, weight classes, bell weights and WKSF lifts below and be sure to register for an allowable lift with an accepted bell weight (if you intend to compete in more than one lift (see FAQ below).

Lifting Categories – determined by body weight, bell weight, and/or age


Professional – defined by body weight and bell weight


If you lift as a professional, you cannot lift as an amateur (except in 30 min) in the same event/year. But you can lift as a Veteran if your age falls in the Vet categories. If a rep tie occurs within a professional category, the lightest competitor wins.


Men = 32k | Women 24k for Snatch and OALC, 20k for TALC, Biathlon, and 30 min events


Competitors limited to 2 per lift, per weight class (top 2 across ALL qualifiers make the team)


Note – if you lift professional one year, you can drop back to amateur the next year.


Amateur – defined by body weight and bell weight


Note – as an amateur you can lift as a veteran as well (see age classes)


Men = 24k | Women 16k


Unlimited competitors, but must demonstrate ability to perform the lift per technical
rules, and target a Rank 1 rep equivalent


Veteran (Masters)– defined by age and body weight, which then determines bell weight (See chart below)


Unlimited competitors, but must demonstrate ability to perform the lift per technical
rules, and target a Rank 1 rep equivalent


Junior, Youth, Disabled, and Students – defined by age and weight, then bell weight (See chart below)


Unlimited competitors, but must demonstrate ability to perform the lift per technical
rules, and target a Rank 1 rep equivalent

a table about international weigh classes

The age category is defined by the year of birth according to the current year : day and month of birth are not considered.

Teens and juniors can participate to upper age category challenges only under medical consent.

Weight classes – choose wisely!


Once you make the team and the registration is sent to WKSF – you need to make that weight class, or there are steep fees to change your weight class (see fees section below). If you are lifting as a Professional, you may not have the opportunity to change weight classes depending on if the class is already full (recall, only 2 professionals per lift, per weight class).

WKSF lifts (to qualify, you must lift one of these approved lifts by bell weight (see above chart 2.1) at the qualifier event, or in video submission)


10 Min: TALC, OALC, Snatch, biathlon (double bell)
30 Min: OALC, OAJ, Snatch

10 Min: TALC, biathlon (double bell), snatch (amateur only)
30 Min: OALC, OAJ, Snatch

a table about international age divisions


I want to lift more than one event at Worlds, do I have to qualify on every lift?

If you are a professional, you must qualify on each professional lift you hope to compete in at Worlds.
(Recall, only 2 per lift and body weight category).
If you are an amateur or veteran lifter – you must perform only one lift at a qualifier, but it must be the
most difficult. For example:

I want to lift amateur 16 TALC, amateur 16k snatch, and 30 min 12 oalc – you only must qualify for TALC, then you add the other lifts after you accept your team position.

I want to lift as a veteran for TALC, snatch and 30 snatch – you only have to qualify for one of those because they are all veteran lifts. This illustrates that you cannot qualify for a veteran lift and later add an amateur lift.

I want to qualify for a professional 24k snatch (female), and also want to lift veteran – you only have to lift the 24k snatch, you can add veteran and 30 min lifts later.


Finally – IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, ask before you register!


How is the USA team assembled?


After the qualifiers, all results are tallied and compared across the events. Only individuals that lifted an
approved WKSF lift will be considered.

Professional lifters will be invited by weight class, bell weight and lift based on the rep results--- only the top 2 from each category will be invited. If there is an opening in a weight class above or below the qualifier weight, you may be asked to gain/lose weight if you want a Pro spot. Otherwise, all professional lifters that do not win a position will be offered a spot as an amateur provided the technique/rep count has been demonstrated.

Amateur and Veteran lifters – you will be invited if you compete at a qualifier, demonstrate solid technique and your results are similar to a Rank 1 (across all tables). There will be circumstances where someone may attempt an amateur qualifying lift but not obtain competitive rep results, and they may be offered a position as a veteran (at a lighter bell weight) if their age allows.

Once you have accepted a spot on the team, AKLU will work with you and provide advice to determine your final lifts (in the case of adding lifts) and help identify if you can carry over results between Pro/Amateur and Veteran categories (your amateur results can count toward a Vet lift in some circumstances, with an extra lift fee).

How will I know if I made the USA team?


You will receive a written letter from AKLU, via email, offering a position on the USA team within 2 weeks of competing in the qualifiers. You will need to make a commitment within 2 weeks of the offer because enough time is needed to order uniforms, make travel and accommodation plans etc.


What is the general schedule of the event?

This schedule may impact your lift choices – in 2022 this was the lift schedule:


  • Team meeting – prior to weight ins/same day

  • Weight-in – afternoon/evening before first lifts – this is mandatory as a team.

  • Day 1 – TALC, OALC

  • Day 2 – Biathlon, snatch

  • Day 3 – all 30 min lifts

  • Depending on how travel experienced you are – it’s best to arrive a day before (or 2 days before) the weigh ins to allow your body to adjust.


What are my financial responsibilities to be on USA team?


Each competitor is responsible for all passport/visa fees, accommodations (there are often shared options), travel expenses, and food. Additionally, parts of the uniform will be the responsibility of the lifter – generally shorts and extra shirts. Each year, AKLU attempts to raise enough money to supply the track suits and one lifting shirt at no cost, but that is not guaranteed. Lift fees are also the responsibility of the lifter.

Example fees from 2022

  • WKSF mandatory fees – (in Euros €) – lifter membership €30, each lift € ~80,

    • If you must change your weight class after registration or on site, WKSF charges high fees! On site that fee could be as high as €240 .

    • Lifter membership covers drug tests – you may or may not be chosen to be drug tested, but the fee is mandatory

  • Uniform costs – (in USD $) extra t-shirt/tanks ~$12, shorts ~$45-50

  • Accommodation – is usually reasonable, especially if shared rooms, and often arranged by the hosting country so you do not need to find your own accommodation


What do I need to know about travel for USA team?


Your passport must be valid at least 6 months past the date of entry into Hungary (dates are not released, but it will be in June 2023).You are responsible for booking all travel associated with the event. Usually, we received information from the host in Hungary about local travel in advance of the event (i.e., airport to/from, local transportation etc.).


We have lots of combined experience, and can help with packing tips, jetlag/schedule questions, etc. and are happy to help closer to travel time.


If you have ANY questions, please contact AKLU.


We look forward to seeing you at one of our qualifying events!

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