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The AKLU is now the official USA representative for the World Kettlebell Sport Federation (WKSF), and there will be 3 official qualifiers in early 2023. As a reminder, these are the ONLY opportunities to qualify for the USA Team competing in the WKSF World Championships.

The 2023 USA team AKLU Qualifiers will be held on February 18th, 2023


- West Coast Qualifier | Crazy Monkey Kettlebell Club - Everett, WA
- Mid-Continent Qualifier | Great Plains Kettlebell Club - Witchita, KS
- East Coast Qualifier | Florida Kettlebell Union - Fort Myers, FL

- Online Qualifier | Georgia Kettlebell Sport - Kennesaw, GA


The AKLU will also continue supporting it's members by providing discounts to competitions all over the USA throughout the  year!

If you have an event you would like us to add to the calendar, please click this link and submit the form.

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